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Real Estate Venezuela. As a full-service Broker Agent, the team of Ana Cecilia Pazmino can help you with the entire purchase process, from initial search through final closing.


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Why Ana Cecilia is Different: Our independence means a more personalized, hands-on approach to helping you buy or sell Properties

Venezuela Houses for Sale with a
trustable Venezuela Agent like Ana Cecilia. She knows that you have many agents and brokers to choose from. We also recognize that buying and selling sometimes can be complex, with different parties involved on both sides of the transaction.

That's why choosing a agent Broker Agent who puts your interests first is a critical decision.

When it comes to CCS Inmuebles, there's no one better able to help you out to buy or sell in Venezuela than Ana Pazmino and her team of professionals agents. Caracas Properties


Homes in Caracas.


Our agency covers the entire area of of City, including coveted neighborhoods such as:

Buying La Lagunita Country Club, Country Club, Valle Arriba, Colinas del Tamanaco, Los Guayabitos, El Placer, Prados del Este, Las Mercedes, El Hatillo, Alto Hatillo, Los Palos Grandes, Macaracuay, Oripoto, Cumbres de Curumo, Los Samanes, La Alameda, Altamira, Santa Sofia, Santa Ines, Los Ruices, El Marques, Caurimare, El Peñon, Santa Paula, Los Naranjos, and More.

And that's why choosing Ana Pazmino for your needs is the right choice. Whether you're moving from one part in the city to another one, or out of the area wishing to relocate here, you'll deal directly with Ana Cecilia and her team of professionals brokers.

Perhaps, more importantly, we speak your language — whether you're new to buying or selling a property for sale, or already understand the process, we'll make sure that you understand all the steps involved and why we're recommending them. We specialize in "straight talk" to help you every step of the way, to make you feel not only comfortable but also completely satisfied.

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Known for its fabulous weather, wonderful quality of life, and a place to truly call home.

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Before you decide on a Recognized Broker Agent, please contact Ana Cecilia by email or phone (0412-812-1423) to discuss your home needs. There's no fee or obligation. Just the opportunity to discover how the Ana Pazmino's team can help you feel right at home in here. Call us for more information.

The houses also have their story, a story that once the deal, and becomes part of ours. Therefore, there are properties that are special for their characteristics: so have embraced, lived and seen that we could have if they spoke.